Gold Coast Cricket League
Gold Coast Cricket League Details
Address: 10208 NW 63RD DR
United States - 33076
Established: 1998
Current Series: 2022 GCCL T20 Tournament

Gold Coast Cricket League (GCCL), an organization of member clubs dedicated to the development and promotion of Cricket in the United States of America, was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization in the State of Florida. Currently GCCL has 16 member clubs and over 300 registered players taking part in Cricket tournaments and competitions locally, regionally, and nationally. This umbrella organization comprised of teams from tri-county areas (Miami-Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach) was formed to organize the sport of cricket played in South Florida.

GCCL is a member of the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA), the governing body for the sport of Cricket in the United States, which is in turn a member of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the body that governs the sport internationally. Currently USACA has over 40 Leagues and over 600 clubs representing approximately 10,000 cricketers nationwide.
GCCL is governed by a Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of the Game as published on our website. The Executive Committee is mandated to conduct the League’s business in an open and responsive manner to achieve the goals of the organization.

Cricket is the second largest spectator sports in the world, and is played professionally and at amateur levels on every continent. Cricket, while not well known and popular in the United States, is often considered as being the roots from which Baseball was developed and it has had a rich and colorful history in the United States during the 1700 and 1800. Originally a British import, Cricket in the South Florida as in most of United States, is played mostly by players from the Caribbean and the Asian subcontinent. People from all walks of life – doctors, engineers, students, computer professionals, cab owners/drivers, businessmen spend most of their weekends at the various South Florida Parks indulging in the leisurely game of cricket. For a lot of them, it’s their favorite pastime.

Being an outdoor sport, Cricket is ideally suited for the sunshine state and GCCL makes good use of the weather by holding two premiere competitions and other tournaments through out the year. In addition, GCCL also conduct various seminars and workshops for anyone interested in knowing more about Cricket.
GCCL utilizes grounds at various Parks and Schools in the South Florida area for its activities and carries appropriate liability insurance naming facility location and specifying the certificate holder(s) as additional insured.

Cricket in South Florida has grown remarkably in the last ten years. From 6 teams in 1998 to over 16 teams in the 2007 season, the game of cricket has taken a huge leap forward in the South Florida and there’s no looking back. Besides providing an opportunity to play cricket to the impassioned aficionados, weekend warriors and the ageless enthusiasts, the larger goal of introducing to the locals and to the youth’s remains a constant dream.

Cricket has a lot to contend with in sport crazy South Florida. Since 1998, GCCL’s objectives have been to initiate, sponsor, implement plans, policies, and projects which will serve to further the development of cricket in South Florida. Football has become less of a threat with the Dolphins going 1-15 in 2007, but with Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, and lately soccer ….its like running a steeplechase up the mountain with hurdles galore.